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UC Berkeley


Spring 2010

CS294 Architecting Parallel Software Using Design Patterns

Fall 2009

MATH202A Introduction to Topology and Analysis

Spring 2009

ME290R General Purpose Computations on the GPU
CS267 Applications of Parallel Computers

Fall 2008

ME301 Teaching of Mechanical Engineering at the University Level
CS270 Combinatorial Algorithms and Data Structures

Spring 2008

ME290D Solid Modeling

Fall 2007

CS280 Computer Vision
ME290H Sustainable Product Development
CS222B Metal Cutting

Spring 2007

ME228 Computer Aided Optimal Mechanical Design [Final Project]
ME220 Precision Manufacturing [Final Project]

Fall 2006

CS274 Computational Geometry
CS284 Computer Aided Geometric Design [Final Project]
ME221 High Tech Product Design and Manufacturing

Spring 2006

ME290R General Purpose Computations on the GPU [Final Project]
CS285 Solid Modeling [Final Project]
ME222 Metal Forming

Fall 2005

ME280A Introduction to Finite Element Method
CS184 Computer Graphics [Final Project] [Ray Tracing Assignment]
NSE203 NanoManufacturing

Indian Institute of Technology Madras

Fall 2004

AM589 Applied Finite Elements
MA604 Continuum Mechanics

Spring 2004

HS401 Indian Fiction in English
MA692 Science of Programming
ME678 Design Synthesis
ME686 Principles of Product Design II
ME687 CAD/CAM for Product Design
ME688 Product Design Lab
ME740 Mechatronic Systems [Final Project] [Report]

Fall 2003

HS208 French
MA619 Elements of Logic
ME628 Design and Optimization of Energy Systems
ME682 Fundamentals of Engineering Design [Final Project]
ME683 Principles of Product Design I
ME684 Manufacturing Considerations in Design
ME685 Product Reliability [Design of Experiments]

Spring 2003

CS618 Formal Languages and Automata
ME320 Manufacturing Technology II
ME322 Control Systems
ME325 Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
ME326 Thermal Power Engineering
ME328 Mechanical Engineering Lab II
ME330 Control and Manufacturing Lab
ME680 Finite Element Analysis [Final Project]
ME418 Automobile Engineering

Fall 2002

MA490 Computability
ME317 Heat Transfer
ME319 Machine Tools and Metrology
ME321 Design of Machine Elements II
ME323 Internal Combustion Engines
ME331 Turbomachines
ME327 Mechanical Engineering Lab I
ME330 Machine Tools and Metrology lab

Spring 2002

AM271 Dynamics of Machinery [Final Project] [Four Bar Linkage Interactive Applet]
EN210 Electrical Sciences II
EN220 Electrical Sciences Lab
HS451 Industrial Psychology
MA203 Linear Algebra and Numerical Analysis
ME220 Manufacturing Technology I
ME222 Design of Machine Elements I

Fall 2001

AM220 Strength of Materials
AM253 Foundations of Fluid Mechanics
AM254 Applied Mechanics/Fluid Mechanics Lab
CY201 Organic Chemistry
HS201 English for Communication
ME215 Mechanical Measurements
MA202 Special Functions and PDE
ME207 Workshop III
ME205 Machine Drawing

Spring 2001

AM110 Engineering Mechanics
CS110 Introduction to Computing
CY102 Physical Chemistry II
CY103 Chemistry Lab
MA102 Vectors, Matrices and Differential Equations
ME102 Applied Thermodynamics
ME106 Engineering Drawing II
ME108 Workshop II
PH102 Physics II
PH104 Physics Lab II

Fall 2000

CY101 Microscopic and Macroscopic Structures of Chemical Systems
EE110 Basic Electrical Engineering
ID110 Engineering Design
MA101 Elements of Calculus
ME101 Materials Science and Technology
ME105 Engineering Drawing I
ME107 Workshop I
ME110 Thermodynamics
PH101 Physics I
PH103 Physics Lab I

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